Crusoe the Dachshund’s Valentines’ Day Date WITH BOY FRIEND / GIRL FRIEND

Yesterday I had a tremendous one-on-one date with an attractive Missy by the name of textile. I say “one-on-one” as a result of not all my previous dates followed that norm… (Luckily I learned my lesson).

Crusoe's Cheerleaders

Although it absolutely was to be my 1st official date with textile, I had already met her whereas photography my summer pool party music video. In fact, she contend the a part of my “main cheerleader” within the video.

So it absolutely was cool to grasp that she’s worked in my “industry” before, having done some acting. however i actually took a feeling to her throughout those long days on the shoot (and when seeing her in her bikini), so for Valentines Day i made a decision to raise her out on a date.


Although it wasn’t such a lot “asking” because it was simply telling her wherever and once. once you’re as celebrated and sensible trying as ME, yes, geological dating extremely is that straightforward. That’s to not say I wasn’t nervous although. I’ll admit I did worry if she’d be ready to contain herself around ME within the eating house, for I didn’t need to cause AN embarrassing scene of her attempting to tear my garments off whereas I fend her away (but not extremely attempting too arduous 😉 ).

The day before i made a decision to require a shower in order that I’d be clean as a whistle for our date. I additional some rose petals to grant myself a delicate floral fragrance – only enough to still be manly however with AN air of air

“Yes, I’d like to order 2,000 roses for my date please.”

“No I am NOT copying Kanye West. This was a totally original idea I had that Dad gave to me.”

“It’ll cost HOW MUCH?! Wow, okay, just make it 6 roses then.”

dog ordering by telephone

Which created ME think…

��Hey Mum, it’s reasonably romantic and soothing in here. perhaps you would like to hop in when I’m done?!” She determined to not. i assume she wasn’t within the mood. Strange, as a result of it sounded like one thing she’d unremarkable like.

But the rose petals stroke a chord in my memory of one thing. I required to order flowers for my date of course! thus I picked up the phone.

dog shaving

The next day finally came, and when sleeping in exactly enough to confirm I obtained my sleep, i used to be up and excited to induce the day going! I patterned I may in all probability use a shave, or a minimum of a trim, however it’s continually a touch disagreeable after you don’t have terribly long hair to start with!

o at the chance of accidentally shaving myself bald, I all over up skipping this step.

Then it absolutely was time to induce dressed, and that i knew simply the outfit – a replacement custom-fitted shirt and cardigan. and by chance thanks to my years of incessant fretful, all the mirrors within the house have currently been affected right down to “wiener level” thus I will finally dress myself with ease.


You might not be stunned to grasp that it took ME 3 hours to induce dressed – in the main as a result of i used to be continually pausing for selfies and to comb-and-re comb my whiskers, to not mention I unbroken obtaining distracted by that attractive dog all told the mirrors around.

Finally the date was close to begin. we tend to were to satisfy up for AN early romantic dinner at an area dog eating house known as the Wag restaurant . though I typically wish to show up two or three hours fashionably late to any events I attend, Mum extremely suggested I show up EARLY for this date, to that I reluctantly in agreement.

crusoe waiting for date

So with a rose in hand paw, I with patience expected my date on the sting of my chair, a keen eye on the door. “I hope she’s carrying socks”, I told myself. “Because i’m sure enough visiting knock them off!”

cute dachshund girl


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